Watch Ultimate Bagger™ Sandbag Filler Videos

The Ultimate Bagger System
Promotional video for the Ultimate Bagger system. See the many useful features, incredible versatility, and unique design that make the Ultimate Bagger the perfect turn-key bagging solution for governements, contractors, and material suppliers around the world.
1 Hour Speed Test
Anyone can SAY their machine is fast. But do they provide proof? Check out this one hour time-lapse video to see the Ultimate Bagger in action.

How fast does it really bag? The results speak for themselves.
How to Bag Wet Sand
Wet sand is incredibly difficult to bag. It is sticky and clumpy; bridging over spouts and funnels. It is messy and will get into any moving or electronic part and wreak havoc on traditional bag filling machines.

If you are having trouble bagging wet sand, here are a couple of solutions from the experts over at The Sandbag Store (
How to Set Up Ultimate Bagger
From unboxing to production, here you will find all you need to know about setting up and running the Ultimate Bagger.
Built by Heros
Did you know every Ultimate Bagger is completely built by US veterans?

"Our team is unique in that we get to help save property and lives, even after getting out of the uniform."
Chris Haas
President, Sandbag Store LLC

See more in this news article from Fox 5.