Emergency Responders
A process that can fill a high volume of sandbags in minutes using wet sand and volunteers.

The Ultimate Bagger™:

High Volume Setup
  • Consistently bag 1,000 - 1,200 bags every hour.
  • Factory process setup requires only 4 operators.
  • Sew bags closed as fast as they can be filled.
Bag Wet Sand
  • Massive dual agitators with 10,000 lb of force.
  • No manual shoveling or hopper proding needed.
Volunteer Safe
  • Fully electric design allows indoor bagging.
  • No hydraulics, dangerous gates, or one-footed standing.
  • All bags are same size.
Hi-Speed Sandbag Industries | Ultimate Bagger™
The Ultimate Bagger is the newest technology available for combating flood waters; turning the once back-breaking process of filling sandbags into a simple and fast system by splitting the work into three processes: filling, sealing and stacking.
Pipeline Contractor
A process that can quickly produce pipeline-compliant sandbags on or near the job site.
The Ultimate Bagger:
High Production Design
  • Professionally fill 1,200 bags per hour.
  • Ability to bag on-site native soil.
  • 1,000,000 filled bag warranty for peace-of-mind.
Pipeline Compliant Bags
  • Bag soft sand (wet or dry) instead of gravel & stone.
  • Machine sewn closure for non-ferrous compliance.
Simple Totes/Super Sacks
  • Filled bags convey to stacking position.
  • The only time a filled bag is handled is during stacking!
  • Counter and audio alert when bulk bag is full.
Hi-Speed Sandbag Industries | Ultimate Bagger™
Pipeline construction projects require sandbags for stabalizing and leveling a pipe prior to backfilling the trench. Trust the Ultimate Bagger to safetly meet your massive sandbag requirements for bedding, padding, benches and breakers on any oil field job site.
Material Supplier
Accurately package and sell a wide variety of challenging materials.
The Ultimate Bagger Solution:
Bag (just about) Everything
  • Sand (wet and dry)
  • Soil (native, screened)
  • Mulch/Compost
  • Gravel & Stone (up to 2")
  • Lava Rock/Cinder
  • Salt & Minerals
  • Wood Chips (up to 2")
Every Size, Every Type of Bag
  • Accurate volumetric filling (+/- 2%) at 1200 bags/hr.
  • Fill bags from 1 lb to 5,000 lbs.
  • Seal all bag types:
    • - Woven Polypropylene
    • - Clear Polyethylene
    • - Canvas & Fabrics
    • - Geotextile
Hi-Speed Sandbag Industries | Ultimate Bagger™
The right tool for your business. Ultimate Baggers will pay for themselves, often in the first month of use! Discover the highly profitable and trouble-free business of bag filling today.
Spend less time filling sandbags and more time on their construction specialty
The Ultimate Bagger Solution:
Less Time Wasted
  • Minimum 1,000 bags/hour with 4 person crew.
  • Fill and stockpile bags less often.
  • Bag on-site to eliminate transportation costs.
  • Bag wet sand without prodding the hopper.
Small Footprint
  • Sewing System collapses and stores.
  • Breaks down into single crate: 7'x4'x7'
Yard-Guys Tough
  • Thickest hopper steel in the industry: 10 GA.
  • Overbuilt design for rough handling.
  • Simple maintenance with built-in hour meter.
Hi-Speed Sandbag Industries | Ultimate Bagger™
Contractors are famous for putting the right tool to use for every job. Today they are abandoning shovels, tractor attachments, and rusty yellow hoppers for the new Ultimate Bagger technology; greatly reducing the time wasted filling sandbags.