Ultimate Bagger - The bigger, stronger, faster sandbag filling machine

This high-speed filler works great for many high-volume applications.

The new, top rated Ultimate Bagger system has been designed to meet the needs of everyone from emergency responders to contractors and materials suppliers.

Advanced sand bagging technology features include massive agitators, patented flow control designs, and dynamic vibration control for difficult-to-handle products, such as bagging wet, sticky sand.

Select options and custom accessories to add:

  • Power Source: Standard machine requires external power (120V @ 10A) but you can select to add the Caterpillar 7500W generator for on-board power.
  • Hopper Steel: Our machine comes standard with a durable, long-lasting, 10 gauge steel hopper (the thickest in the industry). For environmental conditions where rust and corrosion may be a problem, however, upgrading to 10 gauge stainless steel sheet metal hopper is one of the available accessories.
  • Optional Hands-On Setup and Training: While the unit is easy to set-up and operate, you may also choose from several levels of expert assistance.
  • Financing Available: Multiple finance options to choose from.

High-Speed Bagger for Almost Any Product:

  • Sand (wet or dry)
  • Soil (screened or native)
  • Mulch or Compost
  • Gravel or Stone (up to 2")
  • Lava Rock or Cinder
  • Salt and Minerals
  • Wood Chips (up to 2")

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Ultimate Bagger products video

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